– Lia Snijman. Above: A scene from Netflix’s series Dark. Photo: netflix.com.

Although lockdown level 3 offers much more freedom, we still thought it good to suggest some things that you can do in the comfort of your own house this weekend.

To watch: Dark on Netflix
Did you enjoy Stranger Things? Well, here’s another series about kids and adults in the 80s who want to solve their town’s mystery. Except that it explores much deeper and darker themes. Also, there is time travel, so we actually watch the story unfold in 2019, 1986, 1953 and 1921.

This German series follows four families and shows the intricate relations between them. Their relationships and their own identities are constantly changing due to the time travel that takes place and the paradoxes that arise from it. 

If you like sci-fi, drama and romance, then you will probably enjoy watching this thought-provoking series. It is filled with great performances, available both in dubbed (English dubbed over the German) and subbed (with English subtitles) versions. The music is always aptly used and effectively heightens the emotions portrayed onscreen. 

To read: Afterland by Lauren Beukes
Lauren Beukes, known for a wonderful mixture of authentically South African, fantastical and thrilling elements in her books, has managed to capture the current zeitgeist of South Africa and the world in her latest novel. 

Afterland takes place in a future where a virus has devastated the world. However, this virus targets men and leaves a world of mostly women. The story follows two of the very few survivors, Cole and her young son, Miles. They must dodge the Department of Men out to quarantine him, boy traffickers, and a cult of neon nuns. 

You can listen to and read an excerpt of her novel here.  

While the characters are South African, the book mainly takes place in the USA. Beukes’ references to hand sanitiser running out, police brutality and people making jokes about the apocalypse will have you wondering if she’s some kind of fortune-teller. 

To play: Chess
If you’re in the mood to keep your mental agility in good condition, but you’re stuck at home without a chess set and your brother has already sworn that he will never play against you again, then there are websites where you can play against friends or computers. 

One of the most popular sites is lichess.org, which allows you to decide what type of game you’d like to play and also has a forum where discussions can range from technical questions about moves to whether or not it is acceptable to drink while playing chess. 

Another popular site is chess.com, which offers lessons, puzzles, forums, news and, of course, chess games on their website. So, whether you want to play solo or four-person chess, you’ll be able to do it on this website. 

To eat: Restaurants
The following restaurants are doing food delivery: 

Drum – Call 066 033 4246 or Uber Eats.
Ya-Ya – Call 076 173 1572 or 021 883 2977.
Fat Butcher – Although the restaurant is not open, their butchery is and you can contact them at 021 883 3857 or 021 882 8705.
Suki Thai – Uber Eats, Order In, or call 021 886 9373.
Java – Call 021 887 6261
Mystic Boer – Order here or call 078 170 5517.
De Cameron – Call 021 883 3331.
Genki – Call 021 887 5699.
Pane E Vino – Call 021 883 8312 or visit their website.
Basic Bistro – Call 021 883 3629 or Uber Eats.
Mill Coffee House – Call 021 887 7085 or Uber Eats.
De Warenmarkt – Call 021 883 2274.
Rome in a Bite –Call 021 886 5123 or order via romeinabite.co.za.
Courtyard Café – Mr Delivery or WhatsApp Duan on 0781180119.
Casa Cerveza –Available on Uber Eats, although they mostly do personal deliveries. Call 021 023 0346 or WhatsApp Emmanuel on 076 268 9349.
Gino’s – Call 021 887 9786 or 081 380 3235.
Oppie Dorp – Call 021 883 3889.
The Meeting Place – Call 021 883 3977 or WhatsApp 083 460 3086.
Aandklas – Call or Whatsapp 073 643 1801. 

 If you have a restaurant that is doing food deliveries, contact us at info@stellenboschnews.com to be featured.