– Danie Keet. Above: Nic van Aarde, an Oldenburg winemaker.

 Wine farms in the Stellenbosch area were overjoyed when level 3 of the Covid lockdown allowed wine sales.

However, many consumers were still hesitant to buy wine from the various wine farms in the area.

“As we entered lockdown Level 3, the sales of wine were finally allowed to resume,” says Thys Lombard of Oldenburg Vineyards in Helshoogte.

“With every necessary precaution in place to stop the spread of the virus, the Oldenburg Vineyards team are eager to assist visitors with restocking their wine cellars. To show people just how easy the process is, we produced a quirky minute-long video, taking you through the steps of buying your wines at The Tasting Room.”

“The video pays a little homage to Guy Ritchie, with its Snatch-like short cuts, and has since racked up views on social media. The fast-paced style follows a customer from arrival at the farm, through the safety screening, a quick and contactless purchase process and departing with a case of wine in hand.”

“The extended Covid-19 Lockdown period has been serious enough. It is time to celebrate the resumption of wine sales in a fun, light-hearted way,” says Thys Lombard, who shot and edited the video using only his iPhone.

Take the scenic drive into the heart of the Banghoek Valley – situated just 10 kilometers outside Stellenbosch – and enjoy the incomparable view while the friendly tasting room staff take care of your order. And if you are unable to visit The Tasting Room at Oldenburg, you can order wines and have them delivered to your door. Contact orderwine@oldenburgvineyards.com for more.