– Lia Snijman. The government’s Covid-19 statistics for 24 June.

The weekly news round-up is a weekly news article containing news relevant to the Stellenbosch community which has not been covered by us in detail elsewhere.

Covid-19 in Stellenbosch
Stellenbosch has had 874 cases of Covid-19 thus far with 539 people recovered. Our death toll is currently at 32. For provincial and national figures, check out our article’s featured image.

Local Exclusive Books closes
Stellenbosch’s Exclusive Books on Andringa street is closing its doors on 26 June. They have said that they will open again if they find a new space to relocate to. The closure is not Covid-19-related. The staff have said that they are very sad to hear of its closure.

Stellenbosch's Exclusive Books has already started packing up.

Stellenbosch’s Exclusive Books has already started packing up.

 Stellenbosch Football Club Covid cases
Various officials of the Stellenbosch Football Club (SFC) has tested positive for Covid-19. Stellenbosch FC confirmed that three of their staff members tested positive for Covid-19 while all the clubs’ players tested negative. Last week the club arranged the testing of all staff and players and provided additional education on the pandemic as well as what will be expected once they get the go-ahead to start training. It is very unfortunate that three of the staff members tested positive, however, after obtaining this information the club can now assist the individuals to recover as safely and speedily as possible as well as mitigate risk of exposure to other employees. The three members are doing well and are now self-isolating at home.

Klapmuts fake farm murder
Last week we reported on a Facebook post that claimed there was a farm murder in the Klapmuts area but that was actually copied over from somebody else’s Facebook post from 2019. In the meantime, the poster of this falsehood has been invited to the Klapmuts Farm Watch group because nobody in the area knows of him or the incident he is speaking about.

A Klapmuts local said that they spoke to the Klapmuts police who said that there was no farm murder in their area during the time that the Facebook post was made. The Klapmuts police station did not respond to multiple requests for comment.

Drostdy theatre opens its virtual doors
The Drostdy theatre is, like many others in the entertainment industry, dipping its toes in the online entertainment business. They’ve already had shows such as Rymlied and will be showing Elders aan Diens on 26 June. It is a cabaret show based on the late and great Jeanne Goosen’s third poetry anthology.

The theatre has many classical and contemporary music productions lined up to perform online in the upcoming weeks.