– Eunice Visagie. Above: Drickus Hancke.

For both Drikus Hancke and Kabamba Floors, coaches of the Maties rugby club, the most important thing now is to align all coaching systems at Maties Rugby.

Hancke, Maties head coach, and Floors, u.20 head coach, were interviewed by Grant van Velden, Maties Sport manager of sport technology and training innovations, for the fifth episode of the Maties Sport Connected Coaches webinar series. The series is facilitated by Van Velden and is designed to share the wisdom, insights and stories of Maties Sport coaches, conditioning coaches and other key role-players with a wide and diverse online audience.

Both Hancke and Floors are in their first full seasons as head coaches at Maties Rugby. Hancke stepped up to replace Hawies Fourie and Floors took over from Christoff Lotter.

“We are working hard together as different coaches with different roles in one system,” said Hancke.

“It is important to align all the expectations. Those from Maties Sport and that of each team.”

Kabamba Floors.

Kabamba Floors. Photo: Thys Lombard.

“But in the system we also need to make sure we not only produce the best rugby players but also students that go into the world as good men after their time at Maties.”

Floors added: “We work in coaching synergy. I don’t have to take on the challenges on my own. I take responsibility for my role but we keep each other accountable and challenge each other. In the end it is a team discussion.”

As u.20 coach, Floors is responsible for recruitment. “I have to make sure the youngsters understand what the big difference and mind shift changes are when they will come to Maties. You can’t play rugby for Maties if you don’t meet the academic standards of the Stellenbosch University.”

Hancke said that team culture plays a big role at the Maties Rugby Club. “Our culture is values-based and player-driven. It is very important at the club for all the teams.”

For Floors rugby has been his whole life. “I grew up with rugby but making the transition from player to coach wasn’t easy. But the opportunities to influence youngsters now as a coach are priceless. When you are a real coach you don’t only influence the rugby player, you are a mentor to the person as well.”