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Choose to either delve into somebody else’s life with Starlite Memories where Dov Fedler tells of his directorial adventures, or otherwise explore the alternative South Africa of Jen Thorpe’s The Fall that is set against #FeesMustFall.

Starlite Memories: Misadventures in Moviemaking – Dov Fedler
“The movie I should be making is the making of this movie. This is the stuff that comedy is made of.”

Beloved political cartoonist Dov Fedler had the opportunity in the 1980s to make a lifelong dream come true: Directing a movie. Not that he had a clue how to – but he wasn’t about to let that stop him.

A laugh out loud story of pitfalls follows: One with a largely imaginary but very serious language barrier, suspicions of criminal activity including one with a Mexican standoff, and where Dov has no idea the apartheid government is subsidising the film, Timer Joe 3.

This memoir dives into pop culture past and present, and tales of real people who manage to be larger than life. It also gives a funny, moving portrait of Dov and his family vying to dictate what he can do with his life as a good Jewish son.

Dov is a beloved South African cartoonist, drawing and painting for over 50 years. He has contributed political cartoons to primarily The Star, but also the Financial Mail, Cape Times, The Mercury, Pretoria News and Saturday Star, among others. He has written two other books, Out of Line and If You Can Write, You Can Draw. He lives in Johannesburg.

His book is available at R280,00.

The Fall – Jen Thorpe
Set against the #FeesMustFall movement, but in an alternative South Africa, this is speculative fiction with high suspense and socio-political commentary.

When Thuli reveals her secret – that she can see into the near future – to journalist Helen, the latter is sceptical. But as Thuli believes she’s seen that #FeesMustFall protest leader, Hector, will be assassinated, Helen looks into the matter. What she finds is odd behaviour by the police on campus. Police sent by President Noné, who wants no trouble from pesky students while she launches her zoo of magical creatures. If what Thuli say is true, they have only seven days to change the future…

“Breathtakingly imaginative, original and entertaining,” says Sarah Lotz.

You can listen to a trailer of the book here.

The book is available at R320.