– Lia Snijman. Above: SU’s honours journalism class are some of those who are allowed to return to campus. Photo: Facebook, Stellenbosch Journalism.

The weekly news round-up is a weekly combination of news relevant to the Stellenbosch community which has not been covered by us in detail elsewhere, as well as some of our articles you might have missed.

Stellenbosch has, according to most recent statistics, 1738 cases of Covid-19 and 1477 recoveries. No data was available to StellenboschNews.com about the death toll at the moment.

Butterfly World burglary
Police have taken two suspects into custody after they allegedly tried to burgle the popular Butterfly World on the R44 near Klapmuts on 25 July.

“One of our armed response officers responded to an alarm signal just after 3am on Saturday morning and went to investigate,” says Verena Hulme, Cape Town North district manager at Fidelity ADT.

On arrival at the address, the officer found the front door was forced open. He searched the premises and found two unidentified suspects still inside.

“Both suspects were successfully apprehended and handed over into the custody of the SAPS.”

“My advice for everyone who lives and works in the Klapmuts area is to make sure their security systems are tested regularly, with particular attention on the battery backups which will help keep the system operating when there is any planned or unplanned power cuts,” says Hulme.

Flu season during COVID-19
Nicole Jennings, spokesperson for Pharma Dynamics, says up until now, the preventative practices of wearing masks, physical distancing and frequent hand sanitising have kept cold and flu viruses at bay.

“Influenza cases usually spike around mid to late April in South Africa’s flu season, but to date there has been little sign of it. The respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) that usually causes mild, cold-like symptoms has also been delayed. However, it is critical that we keep flu cases low to avoid overburdening our already stretched healthcare system as we near the COVID-19 peak.”

“Keeping ourselves healthy and finding ways to boost our immune system has never been more important,” she says.

Jennings recommends that mild cold and flu symptoms be treated with over-the-counter pain relievers that help reduce a fever, sore throat and headache. Antihistamines and decongestant nasal sprays help for nasal congestion and cough syrups can help break up phlegm.

She says that it’s important to self-quarantine and contact your GP telephonically if you think that you might have COVID-19 though.

Stellenbosch University
About 33% of Stellenbosch University’s (SU) students have returned to campus.

“Faculties have prioritised students who should return during the first phase: those who still need to do compulsory academic work on campus in order to graduate in 2020, students who need to complete practical work in campus laboratories or prescribed clinical work, or need access to specialised software or research materials available on campus only, students who must comply with requirements for on-campus work set by professional bodies and postgraduate students who require access to laboratories or technical equipment. These students will receive individualised invitations to return to campus as of next week,” said Prof Stan du Plessis, chair of Institutional Committee of Business Continuity, on 17 July.

Dr Ronel Retief, SU registrar, has made a call for proposals for a new name for the RW Wilcocks Building. Nominations can be made until 26 August. One must fill in the nomination form and send it to tarien@sun.ac.za.

“The University acknowledges that visual symbols evoke different emotions and experiences amongst people, especially in a diversified and historically divided country like South Africa. It is our fervent hope that this long-anticipated renaming process of this prominent building, that also marks the entrance to the Stellenbosch campus, will allow for broad participation towards reflecting the journey of this institution and the surrounding community,” says Retief.

In case you missed it
Municipal workers protested this week because they would not be receiving salary increases. The Stellenbosch Municipality condemned this protest as they said it was illegal and that the workers were complaining to the wrong organisation.

After hikers were attacked on Botmaskop last week, their cell phones were luckily recovered again.

StellenboschNews.com spoke to Rooted, a local business that delivers fresh produce at people’s homes, about their values of sustainability and staying rooted in your local community when it comes to buying food.