– Above: Arbor Day in Stellenbosch. From left to right: Zelda Dalling (ward councillor), Gary Boshoff (Director of Community and Protection Services), Kevin Carolus (CFO of the Municipality), and Gesie van Deventer (mayor of Stellenbosch). Photo: Francois Lombaard.

Lia Snijman

The weekly news round-up is a weekly combination of news relevant to the Stellenbosch community which has not been covered by us in detail elsewhere, as well as some of our articles you might have missed.

Stellenbosch’s total amount of people who have been infected with Covid-19 is 2012. Recoveries are at 1889, meaning that the amount of infections increased by 11 (from 2001) while the recoveries increased by 19 (from 1870). The amount of Covid-19 deaths is 77 and there are still 46 active cases. Stellenbosch currently has no health care workers who still have an active case of Covid-19 and no more deaths have occurred.

Sandra Maritz, spokesperson for the Cape Winelands district for the Western Cape department of health has issued a statement thanking everybody from the Stellenbosch and surrounding areas for doing their part in helping combat Covid-19. She encouraged people to remain vigilant with their precautions, so as to prevent a second wave of infections.

Maritz reminded residents that they need to go for primary health care, as the health care workers and the residents themselves take precautions to prevent the spread of Covid-19. She said that if you’ve been coughing for longer than two weeks, sweat a lot when you sleep, have a fever or are losing weight for no reason, you have to go to a clinic as you might have TB. She added that the quicker you get tested, the quicker you can start with treatment as TB is curable.

Unfortunately, there are not delivery services for medication in the Cape Winelands, but Maritz says that there are alternatives in place to support people. If you give an adult your clinic card, they can pick up your medication by simply showing that card and their own ID. You can also ask for two months’ medication in order to lessen your exposure to people.

Eskom has said that it does not plan to have any loadshedding on Thursday 10 September, but that “the possibility of loadshedding remains high”. Any deterioration in generation performance could lead to loadshedding.

Stellenbosch University Jerusalema challenge
You can help raise money by sending a video of you dancing to “Jersulamea” to jersulemavideo@gmail.com. For each view the final video gets, the Department of Genetics will donate R1 to the Arise Africa Soup Kitchen. Videos must be sent in before 18 September, taken in landscape and in mp4 format.

Arbor Day
For Arbor Day, the Stellenbosch Municipality planted trees. They dedicated these trees to those who have passed away due to Covid-19.

In case you missed it
About ten protesters gathered around the entrance to the Clicks in the Eikestad Mall on the second day of ongoing protests by the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF). Whilst the doors to Clicks were open, no customers were allowed inside the store. In Stellenbosch, the protests were conducted peacefully under the watchful presence of police officers on the scene.

Justice Shamba is a husband, a father, a barista, and now also the proud owner of his very own coffee shop, Coffee at Justice.

Since level 2 lockdown, Stellenbosch’s restaurants have been welcoming back patrons. Now, Stellenbosch’s more cultural and educational establishments have been opening up too. Two such examples are the SU Botanical Gardens and the Rupert Museum.