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We are excited to welcome you to the first virtual art exhibition hosted by For our first exhibition we partnered with ilse schermers art gallery in Church Street, Stellenbosch. We are proud to be associated with this dynamic gallery and an exhibition by two acclaimed artists, Guy du Toit and Liekie Fouché.

To purchase any of the items in this virtual exhibition send a mail with the code in front of the item your heart desires by clicking here or complete the contact form at the bottom of this page and Michelle will get back to you. If you wish to speak to someone phone Michelle at the gallery on +27 21 883 9717 and mention that you are calling in connection with the virtual exhibition. All sales will be handled in the order that they are received.

Curated by: Ilse Schermers

IS Art, the monogram, moniker and brain-child of Ilse Schermers-Griesel – proprietor, celebrated curator and art historian of note – has been a staple of the South African contemporary art scene since its inception in 2007. With Ilse herself being involved for close to 30 years in the art community – both locally and internationally; consulting, collecting, critiquing and publishing, all constituting a résumé nearly too long to mention – IS Art is a gallery headed-up by a seasoned and stoic captain.

Introduction by Hendrik Theron

Much like the classic tale of Alice and her Wonderland, it is said that in times of great turmoil and tribulation, we frequently seek refuge in our imagination. Arguably this pursuit of solace and child-like comfort has never been more relevant than during these unprecedented and exceedingly strange times we currently face. These sentiments have been masterfully captured by the joyful and whimsical works of Guy Du Toit and Liekie Fouché in the body of work they collectively call Vertigo.

Vertigo – referring to a sudden sensation of losing one’s balance and composure – is the moniker chosen by Guy and Liekie for the joint exhibition of their most recent bodies of work, which were produced during the global Covid-19 pandemic and the national lockdown. With the metaphorical rug pulled from beneath their feet, both Guy and Liekie reverted to their respective mediums and executed works that reflect, in a characteristic manner, various facets of turbulent emotions and perspectives relating to the dystopian way of life that has come to represent our day-to-day reality.

In his sculpture, Guy intimates a longing for a forbidden physical contact and human interaction. His hares take on an expressionism through their overt togetherness – projecting through simple and unadulterated gestures, that of holding hands, piggy-backing, and hugging, a nature that is now forlorn to us, and replaced with a new norm. In the same vein, and as only Guy can, he ties together the body of work with a characteristic humour-driven articulation of this status quo – having his hares employ the fabled greetings associated with social-distancing and the new world order.

By comparison, Liekie explores the inner sanctum of her imagination and sketches an escape to the realities we face. She conjures dream worlds and visions of worlds far-flung from our own, where animals and mystical creatures roam freely among vast mountain ranges, vibrant vistas and immersive cloudscapes. These scenes offer an escape from the stark truth of a confined existence thrust upon us.

Not only have Guy and Liekie had to re-interpret their own artistic expression, but so too has the manner in which the art itself is presented had to adapt. As art always seems to find a way to manifest itself, so it has in this instance through IS Art’s very first virtual exhibition.

You can look at the catalogue of the exhibition here.

Sculptor: Guy du Toit

Guy du Toit

Guy Du Toit is one of South Africa’s foremost and most accomplished sculptors. If there is any proper fit for the cliché, he truly ‘needs no introduction.’ Guy was born in 1958 in Rustenburg, South Africa. He successfully completed his Bachelors of Arts BA (FA) degree (with a distinction in sculpture) at the University of Pretoria in 1982. He has gone on to exhibit both locally and abroad.

Guy’s work is difficult to place from a thematic point of view as it is perpetually developing itself. In addition to his more traditional creative expressions, Guy frequently utilises his immense creative and technical skill to bring vibrance and significance to the most mundane of objects; chairs, bricks, bells, crates etc. It is perhaps this particular style that has become characteristic or indicative of Guy – a storytelling through form, as it were. The work he has produced in this line of expression has been spectacularly injected in contemporary home-making and privatised collecting. To this end, Guy proclaims that he is influenced by the non-heroic, open-ended meaning of static, every-day items. This is an enchanting, romantic and truthful thought process; considering the significance of an otherwise overlooked object – the undeniable importance of the many bricks that make up a national land mark or the blue-collar romance of well-used milk crate – these are the building blocks of Guy’s vision.

Artist: Liekie Fouché

Liekie Fouché

Liekie Fouché is a South-African artist who spent the first part of her life on a farm in the North-West province. The landscapes of her childhood as well as the feeling of isolation they inspired have influenced her work profoundly.

She matriculated from the Afrikaanse Hoër Meisieskool Pretoria and thereafter studied fine art (BA/BK) at the University of Pretoria.

In 1992 she was a runner-up in the “Sasol New Signatures” national art competition and since then she has had fifteen solo-exhibitions and participated in over a hundred group-exhibitions. She has been a professional artist for over 30 years and her work can be seen in private collections all over the world.

Currently she works from a tranquil and inspirational small-holding in Zwavelpoort to the East of Pretoria where the sculptor Guy du Toit is her nearest neighbour.

Guy du Toit – Sculpture Gallery

Liekie Fouché – Paintings Gallery

Curator’s Recommendations

Guy du Toit

G05 - Hare sitting on another hare’s shoulders - 31 x 15 x 12cm - R 27,000

G05 – Hare sitting on another hare’s shoulders – 31 x 15 x 12cm – R 27,000

G14 - Two hugging hares - 22,5 x 17 x 12cm - R 27,000

G14 – Two hugging hares – 22,5 x 17 x 12cm – R 27,000

G15 - One hare lifting another - 29 x 13 x 11,5cm - R 27,000

G15 – One hare lifting another – 29 x 13 x 11,5cm – R 27,000

Liekie Fouché

L03 - Balance - 1430 x 1040mm - R 36,000

L03 – Balance – 1430 x 1040mm – R 36,000

L11 - Early Winter's Morning - 900 x 300mm - R 7,000

L11 – Dusk – 300 x 360mm – R 3,600

L25 - Valley Of A Thousand Hills - 500 x 500mm - R 7,000

L25 – Silence – 700 x 600mm – R 10,000

L28 - Waiting For A Miracle - 300 x 600mm - R 5,000

L28 – Valley Of A Thousand Hills – 500 x 500mm – R 7,000

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